Making money on the side

Making extra money at home around a job is the dream of many a working person. This business keeps me pretty busy but in my spare time I like to do a bit of matched betting. I found out about it from a friend who recommended I check out Oddsmonkey which is a site that teaches you all about matched betting. I was a bit sceptical at first so did some digging on the internet and came across an article in the Telegraph all about it. After reading that I knew my friend wasn’t messing around and this was something I should be getting involved with. So I signed up for the free trial and in my first day I was £50 up! That is a decent days wage when it’s tax free.

So I signed up for the full package at oddsmonkey and haven’t looked back since. There are quite a few other services out there but to be honest I found some of these guys to be a bit underhand especially after I found this article about profit accumulator. Ridiculous really. AS a business person myself I know how harmful fake reviews from competitors can be, you are messing with people’s livelihoods and putting jobs at risk for your own selfish gain. If your company can’t compete then do something to improve your service rather than spreading falsehoods about another company. Rant over!

So yeah the bonus bagger site was quite useful to be honest. There are a lot of other fantastic reviews of this service out there as well, you just need to do a google search to find them all.

SO back to the subject at hand. I’m not the best at explaining these things but matched betting is all about placing bets. You always place 2 bets, 1 back bet and 1 lay bet. That way you cover all eventualities and make sure your bet can’t lose. You then get rewarded with bonuses and free bets from the bookmakers for placing certain bets at certain times. Using these bonuses you can generate a profit. It’s really easy and completely risk free.

My first bet was on Man Utd. I backed them to win and William hill and backed them not to win at Betfair. After that was over I had lost or won nothing but then will hill gave me £30 in free bets which I then backed and layed for a profit. The software at oddsmonkey does all the hard work for you so you don’t need to worry about the maths involved. If it was complicated I wouldn’t be able to do it as I am terrible at maths and techy stuff. So it’s definitely worth checking out, you should be able to make a few hundred pounds a month in your spare time using this service so you would be daft not to give it a try.

This video gives you an idea of how you can fit it around your busy social and working life in the same way I am trying to do!

On a PA related note we have updated our Price List so please check that out for the latest costs. Some of our costs have gone up slightly due to increased fuel costs but to compensate we have reduced some of the onsite prices.

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